About Us

xxlmart offers exclusive products, especially sneakers but also clothing. A few years ago, the journey began to pursue our goal. To offer the most exclusive products at the best possible price to a loyal community. From United States, available for the whole world.
Our goal is to have every new release immediately in stock and delivered quickly. All highlighted new releases will be raffled off, where you can win the chance to get your must-have for the retail price. This is something brand new that we have added to the new web store.

Through our release calendar, you can be sure that you are always aware of what is coming up. We are always curious about your opinions and have therefore enabled a like and dislike functionality!

xxlmart is available to everyone, we would like to be a place where every enthusiast can relate to our passion. The industry where we are in is moving and innovating extremely fast. xxlmart is trying to keep up with everything and our goal is to strive forward and make progress every day.

We think our community is super important and always want to stay in touch with what you guys think. Feel free to contact us about shoes, questions and other cases through our contact form.